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3323-B Hyland Ave
Costa Mesa, California 92626

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What is play?

Bang & Olufsen of Southern California delivers stand-alone products with clear and simple operations - portable products that are intuitive to use, easy to integrate into your daily life, and deliver excellent high-quality experiences.

To us, PLAY means curiosity, positiveness and energy. We believe PLAY precedes any real progress.

… and PLAY is also what you reward yourself with after hard work.

Marrying the values of PLAY with the substance, quality and luxury of Bang & Olufsen characterizes what we stand for:

Bang & Olufsen of Southern California + PLAY = B&O PLAY

Brand Manifesto

We don’t just make headphones. 

We don’t just design speakers.

We’re not simply in the business of electronics.

We’re in the business of goosebumps.

The ultimate test for our sound engineers.

That’s where our design department is graded.

And how our craftsmanship is measured. 

Does it move? Does it touch?

Does it change someone’s world a little? 

Do all the pieces play together?

Does it add that something that makes it a symphony?

Spirits should be lifted, friendships forged,

Creativity let loose or focus made possible.

Let one find comfort and another fall wildly in love.

Life made a little more colorful.

To fully live up to the magic of music, this is how we set our bar.

Our Heritage

Firmly grounded in our 90 year history in Bang & Olufsen, we interpret the same core values for a new type of contemporary products:


We seek design that matters. Design that naturally makes our products express how they want to be used. To us, design is not just the beautiful shape we wrap our technology in. Our design approach flows through all aspects of product development – from crystalizing the fundamental user needs in early concept development through the engineering phases. This allows us to deliver products where we never compromise on the basic product idea.


We deliver best sound and acoustic performance in our class of products – natural and balanced to best reproduce the emotions that the artist wanted to convey.


We adapt technology to fit human needs, not the other way around.


We are always honest in our material choices and pay attention to every detail in the design and assembly.

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